Wilson’s Temperature Syndrome

Case history of Betsy, 40 years old

“I would love to share my story with you. For most part of my life I have been suffering – or perhaps I thought at the time this is all normal – from cold hands and feet. This was possibly the most prominent and dated symptom I had or started with.

All the symptoms gradually started creeping up on me and next were very dry and thin hair; my skin was becoming extremely dry, no matter how much cream and or oil I would soak myself in.

The next symptom which to me was totally debilitating was my poor memory and the permanent/constant brain fog. On days I could not remember what I said literally a few seconds ago and it is as if there was this fogginess in my brain that you could not think clearly. I was writing the finals for my Honours Degree in Industrial Psychology and recall the immense stress I was under as I could not remember what I studied from one hour to the next. This symptom became even worse just before my monthly cycle. I thought this is possibly the start of old age, let’s face it I am over forty and I guess this is part of growing old.

About 18 months ago things really started getting out of hand. I was struggling to get out of bed in the morning; I had the most incredible muscle and joint aches. My entire body was inflamed. Walking up a flight of stairs would prove to be the most exhausting thing to do. As a qualified Aerobics instructor I have always been active with Hi/Lo aerobics classes, cycling, I practiced Yoga and Pilates. I would do between 5 and 7 classes a week. The body aches were so bad that I could not manage 10 minutes on the bicycle or the treadmill. During my Yoga practice I recall not being able to move from one position to the next because my muscles were aching so much. With the result I stopped the exercise as I felt it to be too painful and for the fact that I had no energy.

Gradually I started feeling “blue” or I guess we can call this depression although I feel it is such a strong word and sometimes it is used inaccurately. It felt as if I was in a very dark place, not able to get out of there. I then started losing my self-confidence.

As I have always had very healthy eating habits as well as exercise routine I could not understand what was happening to my body, surely this is not just growing old. My body was so bloated and I had a range of three dress sizes in my wardrobe as my body would “blow” up so much from one day to the next that I literally had to wear a different dress size.

I started changing my diet because this could possibly be food intolerance and yet just another excuse/explanation as to why my body is so bloated. I cut out all wheat, gluten, sugar, coffee and was only on fresh fruit and vegetables with chicken and or fish. Over a three month period I only lost 200gm together with an exercise regime where I forced myself to go to gym. I would exercise through the pain and the tiredness only to be so drained and tired the next day that I could not get up to go to work. There were days where I would pray to have enough energy to just at least get out of bed.

On days it felt as if somebody was pressing their fingers on my oesophagus, I had problems focusing my eyes on waking in the morning, the lists of symptoms were endless.

After looking and finding excuses for every single ailment/symptom I eventually realised that there is definitely something wrong. My entire endocrine system was all over the place. There was a sense that my body was at war with itself. I would be constipated the one day and a runny tummy the next; with no change in my diet whatsoever. My monthly periods were occurring every second week; totally out of sync. In the middle of summer I would be wearing a jersey because the breeze is too cold for me. I could not stay up beyond 9 in the evening and slept until 7 in the morning and was still tired, still not able to get out of bed. This immense tiredness made me extremely agitated and irritable.

Today I am the most blessed person on this planet. I was referred to Dr Nye who diagnosed Wilsons Temperature Syndrome.

The T3 medication I was prescribed has changed my life. Three months later I have never ever felt better in my entire life. As I mentioned earlier on, I potentially had some of these symptoms or at least 50% for a large part of my life. I have always suffered with my monthly cycle and since I have been taking T3 I have not once had the same symptoms before my monthly cycle such as poor memory, low energy, brain fog and menstrual cramps. My monthly period is now in a normal cycle, I have incredible energy, my muscle and joint aches disappear with my second tablet I took. My brain fog disappeared with the very first tablet I took. I am in total awe with the treatment and to date I have not experienced any side effect from the medication. Feeling “blue” is something of the past, my hair is in such beautiful condition, and for the first time in my life I have warm hands and feet. I was usually the one who wanted to “hibernate” during winter as I could not stand the cold, and this year I am actually embracing the winter. Trust me I will never love winter as I am a total sun goddess but I can embrace it now. I am back with my exercise routine doing 4 – 6 classes a week and sometimes 2 hour sessions at a time and at long last I can wear one dress size! Fabulous!!!

If this is you, don’t delay; don’t look for any excuses of unexplained symptoms, it is so important to have quality of life and that is possible with the right medication which will treat the cause and not the symptoms only. This is definitely what the treatment for WTS did for me; it treated the cause and not just the symptoms. I am SO incredibly thankful to have my life back!”



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