Toxic Metal Challenge Test

The purpose is to induce effective elimination of a range of toxic metals, which can be measured in the urine. The information derived from the test will help to determine:

• whether heavy metals are present in the body

• which ones are present in abnormal concentrations, and

• whether they may be problematic, and how best to eliminate them.


1. Blood test for u&e and creatinine must be done before the test, to assess kidney function.

2. Avoid eating fish or Chorella or Spirulina or any other supplements for 2 days before test.

3. Essential medical drugs should be continued.

4. Have a light supper and avoid smoking, if possible, the night before the test.

5. Drink 2-3 cups of water before bedtime.


1. Consume no food or drink [except water] until test is completed.

2. Empty bladder and collect urine into a clean, plastic container. Now rinse the collection jar with urine, then fill the collection jar [40ml] and label with “Name, baseline specimen and time”.

3. Take 1000mg DMSA capsules, with a cup of water 2 hours before your appointment.

4. In the doctor’s office 3gm Ca EDTA will be given intravenously slowly over 10-20 mins.

5. Drink 2 glasses of water over the next 2 hours, but do not eat anything. After 2 hours, empty your bladder and collect urine: first rinse the collection jar with urine, then fill the collection jar [40ml] and label with “Name, post-test specimen and time”.

6. Both specimens must be sent together to the lab.

7. Now drink 1-2 litres water to flush the system, and eat some sulphur-containing food, such as eggs, cruciferous vegetables, garlic and onion family [to increase Phase 2 detoxification].

SIDE EFFECTS are rare but may include the following:

• Sulphurous taste in the mouth

• Drop in blood pressure causing dizziness

• Nausea, rash, or fatigue

• Irritation of the vein

• Kidney damage if kidneys are not functioning 100%

• Drop in blood calcium causing tingling of the lips and tetanic cramps

• Drop in blood sugar, especially in diabetics

The challenge test can also be done using only the DMSA capsules. This is often preferred for children. It may not be as revealing or accurate as the combined protocol.


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