Pyroluria checklist


Tick off all the symptoms you experience. If you have many, you may have pyroluria, which can be confirmed with a urine test.

Little or no dream recall Family history of mental illness
Sensitivity to noises, light, odours,touch Weak immune system, frequent infections
Reading difficulties e.g. dyslexia Lack of regular periods [girls]
Argumentative, defiant behaviour Impotence [males]
Poor tolerance of stress; All mental symptoms worse during stress Intolerant of drugs, alcohol and some proteins
Mood swings Fruity breath and body odour
Temper outbursts, episodic anger Prefers spicy or strong flavours
Better alertness in evenings Nausea on waking, tends to skip breakfast
Anxiety Problems with sugar metabolism
Histrionic/dramatic Motion sickness
Depression Gluten intolerance, food sensitivities
Poor short-term memory Frequent abdominal pains, IBS, stitches
Delusions, paranoia, dysperceptions Constipation
Insomnia Cold hands and feet
Seizures Delayed onset of puberty, growth spurt after 16 years
Hyperactivity, ADHD Stretch marks in skin
Physical fatigue and nervous exhaustion Pale skin, tends to burn easily
Sensitive to criticism Acne, eczema, psoriasis. Herpes
Social withdrawal Abnormal body fat distribution
Schizophrenia Sparse hair on head, eyebrows and lashes
Alcoholism Crowded upper teeth, poor enamel
Autism White marks on fingernails
Suicidal tendencies Joint pains esp knees, restless legs



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