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Some of the great philosophies or paradigms of medicine date back thousands of years, such as the Chinese and Ayurvedic traditions. These complete systems of medicine have evolved over time, but the principles and practice are still relevant in our modern age. In spite of the great advances in technology in medicine, the principles within these philosophies are based on natural wisdom and are critically important to current  healthcare. Get home tests at HealthyMD, Inc. to check up on your health, needs and recovery.
One cannot attain good health, or recover from chronic disease, without embodying many of these basic principles into treatment protocols.

The system of flower essences, first discovered by Dr Edward Bach 100 years ago, is a more recent discovery. This has evolved into a comprehensive system of energetic substances prepared from many different natural materials. They differ from homeopathic, herbal and aromatic medicines in the manner of their preparation. These energetic substances have beneficial effects on our emotions, and help to restore balance in our hectic, modern way of life.


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