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Dr David and Dr Sandi Nye welcome you to Greenhouse Health and our Integrative Health Centre in Pinelands, Cape Town. We have a special interest in treating chronic health problems, but are happy to offer guidance and treatment for all health issues.

We believe that the path to health involves not only physical but also mental, spiritual, emotional and social aspects of one’s being. Each individual has an innate healing potential, expressed as a Vital Force, which must be encouraged, not blocked or suppressed.

This is the philosophy of Dr David Nye, a registered General Practitioner, Homeopath and Acupuncturist, and of Dr Sandi Nye, a registered Naturopath. We both practise Integrative Medicine, focussing on treatment of difficult and complex dis-ease situations, as well as dealing with day-to-day problems.

We believe that you, the patient, need to take responsibility for your health, whereas we are here to guide and assist you in that quest. It is not our aim to dictate but to form a team with you to negotiate and plan how best to achieve optimum health.

This is the essence of an holistic and integrative approach to health.


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Health Philosophies

What is Homeopathy? Acupuncture? Naturopathy? Chinese Herbal Medicine?


Our practice offers a wide variety of Integrative & Orthodox Treatments.

Meet the Doctors

All information on this site is provided by Dr's David & Sandi Nye. 


Those suffering with chronic ill health know that it is a journey with many ups and downs, many hopes and disappointments. Treatment of chronic disease is very complex and one can easily be confused by the abundance of conflicting information to be found on the internet. We offer you a structured, logical, evidence-based and individualised program in order to achieve the best results.

Conventional medicine seldom offers a cure for chronic disease; but it can be life saving in acute emergencies and acute disease. An integrative approach is needed to address the complex dysfunctions in chronic disease, and to bring about metabolic and energetic balance to restore the body to self-regulatory optimal function.

Working together as a team, we need to:

Holistic Health Centre in Cape Town

What to expect from your consultation with us

Before your first appointment, you will be asked to complete and submit a comprehensive questionnaire, detailing your past health history, lifestyle and current issues.

At your initial consultation of 60 minutes, we will examine your health history, using the completed questionnaire, and perform a physical examination. You may have  an analysis of your blood with a darkfield microscope [Live Blood Analysis], which  can provide a clear indication of which organs are struggling, and to garner information about the state of your inner “terrain”.  Appropriate tests will be discussed and arranged. Treatment may be commenced immediately using nutritional interventions, medicines, supplements, acupuncture or laser; or we may elect to await the results of relevant tests before starting treatment. A management plan is drawn up, listing all recommended tests, lifestyle changes and treatments, to act as a reference for what needs to be done.The patient may at any stage choose to pursue a more Naturopathic approach with Dr Sandi, or a more Homeopathic approach with Dr David.

Each person with his/her dis-ease is very individual, thus the above schedule is merely a guide, as the path of healing is different for everyone.

Chronic Disease

chronic diseaseApart from the well known chronic diseases, there are states of ill-health that are difficult to classify, and hence frustrating to treat. These so-called “grey areas” are often characterised by normal blood tests in spite of debilitating symptoms. These situations require a special integrative approach to address them. READ MORE


Integrative Medicine

Integrative MedicineIntegrative medicine is all about health and healing, rather than about diseases and their treatment. It is more than a combination of complementary or alternative modalities with aspects of conventional, Western medicine. Integrative medicine supports health using the most natural and least invasive approaches to facilitate the body’s innate healing response. It is guided by traditional or scientific evidence, READ MORE


Obstacles to cure

Health ObstaclesThere are many aspects of modern living which are detrimental to health, and which can often be obstacles to regaining health.  Drugs and other quick fixes can only remove symptoms temporarily in chronic illness.  In order to truly conquer chronic illness, the patient and the practitioner need to work together to identify potential obstacles. READ MORE


Health Topics in this site;

Integrative Medicine

Integrative Medicine

Uses the most natural and least invasive approaches, guided by scientific evidence, to facilitate the body’s own healing response, and to correct dysfunctions in the body.


shutterstock_82593202Natural, energy medicine based on the principles of Quantum Physics. It is safe, yet effective, and works in animals and babies too! READ MORE


naturopathy Derived from ancient, time-honoured principles of nature. It focuses on diet, exercise, lifestyle and gentle therapies. READ MORE.

Herbal Medicine

herbal medicine

Plants grow all around us, and many are used in medicine and healing, in ancient and modern cultures. READ MORE.

Aromatic Medicine

aromatic medicineEssential oils are not only massaged into the skin, but are powerfully therapeutic when taken internally. READ MORE.

Chinese Medicine

Chinese MedicineIs more than 5000 years old, and is as valid today as it was then. It combines herbs, massage, acupuncture and lifestyle into a comprehensive system of health. READ MORE.


acupunctureCan be performed with needles or soft laser with equal benefit. It is rapidly effective for most musculo-skeletal problems. READ MORE.

Ayurvedic Medicine

Ayurvedic MedicineOriginating in traditional Indian culture, it is still a valuable system of health today. READ MORE.

Flower Essences

Flower Essences

Gentle, yet effective, energy medicine for the emotions. Individual combinations are prescribed for each situation, to work quickly with no side effects. READ MORE.

RIFE Frequency Therapy


A Rife Resonator generates frequencies, which are transmitted through the body to eliminate unwanted bugs and correct a variety of disorders. READ MORE.

Electromagnetic Therapy


Rapidly pulsed electro-magnetic beams from a BEMER mat are effective in restoring cells to the correct electric potential, thus improving function.

Intravenous Therapies


High dose vitamin C,  medical ozone,  multinutrients  and EDTA chelation are specialised treatments for a variety of complex conditions.

Live Blood Analysis

Live blood

Looking at one’s blood on a computer screen can reveal much about one’s true state of health. READ MORE.

stool testAt the centre, we can arrange various specialised testing, which are helpful in getting to the root causes of disease.

Medical Detox


There are many ways to detoxify the body, but we offer a guided detox under medical supervision. READ MORE.

Leaky Gut Syndrome


When the ecology of the gut becomes compromised, it can lead to the development of inflammation, which gives rise to many chronic illnesses.


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