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The new food rules

Better science has led to clearer advice on what you should eat every day. To get more ideas we recommend you to visit websites such as 1. Don’t worry so much about protein There is no doubt that protein is essential in the diet, and is needed for repairing cells and healthy growth and Read More

Fresh insights into cholesterol

Every single cell in the body is comprised of cholesterol. It provides cell membranes with their integrity, so that they don’t fall apart. Why do we continue to think that cholesterol is bad and to be avoided, if it is necessary for life? 1. Cholesterol serves as an anti-inflammatory, by preventing the formation of pro-inflammatory Read More

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The Truth about Statins

What are statins? Statins are a group of drugs developed to lower cholesterol levels by inhibiting the production of an enzyme (HMG-CoA reductase), which results in a decrease in cholesterol synthesis in the liver. Although initially thought to be a wonder drug, they have become the subject of much debate, regarding their relevance in lowering Read More

Balanced diet

Salvestrols – new hope for cancer

Salvestrols Salvestrols are a recently-discovered class of naturally derived compounds from plants, which have shown great benefit in treating a wide variety of cancers. They are safe and effective, and have been provided by nature to protect us against cancer. Salvestrols belong to a group of phyto-nutrients called phytoalexins. The well-known Resveratrol is also a Read More

Bieler broth

  This is the most commonly used broth if needing more options during the liquid nutrition fasting days. Ingredients Celery Green beans Zucchini Spinach Parsley Method Combine equal amounts of the above vegetables and steam in a steamer basket. Make sure the water is below the level of the vegetables. Steam for a few minutes, Read More


  This soup can be served hot or cold.   Ingredients 2 cups finely shredded cabbage 2 cups boiling water ½ cup chopped onion 2 Tbsp olive oil 450 g cooked small beets, peeled and chopped (save the cooking water) 2 tsp caraway seed 1 L chicken or vegetable stock (wheat-free) 1 tsp honey, if Read More


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